Acrylic painting. Colour. Communication


The reflection of the deep sea, the view of the polar light, the stroll through sunflowers fields, is all that imagiable without colors?

My main Focus is on abstract acryl painting, therefore color in all its shades it to me what music is to a musician what text is to a writer : the quintessence of communication

Who am I?

Corinne Caron, born 1960 in Paris and having lived in various countries. Living in Hamburg since 1982 I am still keen on travelling. 


Because, I am curious about the colors of this world, which give me inspiration. Abstract acrylic painting has given me the instrument to communicate these inspirations to others, layer by layer. Color is a universal language, which does not require translating. It opens the space for our phantasies and enables a dialog without barriers. This give me a great joy. 



My tools:

A mixing technique for variety. Layers of colours for the depth. Gold, silver and bronze or copper for intensity.

Are you tempted to get inspired?

Then visit my gallery on this website - immerge in the endless space of colour coming alive on my canvas paintings.

The paintings are also for sale. Feel free to contact me.